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Peirce Island Treatment Plant Part of “Wastewater 101” Presentation

David Allen, Deputy Director of Public Works, 766-1421

PORTSMOUTH - Everything you ever wanted to know about the City’s recently launched Wastewater Master Plan and the options under study for a new or upgraded wastewater treatment plant will be discussed Tuesday, Oct. 23, at a 6:30 p.m. public meeting at the Portsmouth Public Library.

The “Wastewater 101” presentation is the kickoff public meeting for the City’s comprehensive Wastewater Master Plan Project. The three-year effort will identify and study feasible alternatives for secondary treatment of wastewater, and recommend a final plan to replace or upgrade the Peirce Island Treatment Plant that will protect valuable natural resources and comply with federal Clean Water Act regulations.

“The Wastewater Master Plan Project is a critically important project for the City and is very complex,” said City Manager John Bohenko. “It will be helpful for City residents and businesses to understand why this project is necessary, what the benefits will be, and how it will affect them.

“People will be able to participate more effectively when they understand the issues and alternatives,” he added. “That’s why we are beginning the process with this Wastewater 101 public information session.”

The meeting in the Library’s Levenson Room will include basic information about the City’s wastewater collection system, Combined Sewer Overflows, and wastewater treatment facility operations. City staff will also provide a history of Portsmouth’s wastewater treatment and collection system improvement efforts and related regulatory issues that the City is working to address.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in April issued a permit requiring the City to implement a higher level of treatment than is currently being achieved at the Peirce Island facility. The Oct. 23 meeting is part of the process to study alternatives and recommend final plans for wastewater treatment that will meet the needs of the community for the next several decades with the most sustainable, environmentally-sound and cost-effective solution.

“There already has been significant community input indicating many of our citizens prefer that Peirce Island be reclaimed for recreational use,” the City Manager said. “This process gives us the opportunity to carefully study such alternatives as expanding the secondary treatment facility at the Pease Tradeport or building a new facility at an entirely new location.”

More information about the Wastewater Master Plan Project can be found at